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A microphone is a device for converting acoustic power into electric power with essentially similar wave characteristics. These devices convert sound waves into electrical voltages that are subsequently converted back into sound waves and amplified through speakers. Today, microphones are most often associated with the music and entertainment industries, but the devices date back as far as the s when scientists began seeking out ways in which they could amplify sound. His interests were varied, and he devoted some of his time the study of acoustics during the s. Wheatstone was among the first scientists to formally recognize that sound was “transmitted by waves through mediums. He worked on a device that could amplify weak sounds, which he called a microphone. Berliner, a German-born American, was best known for his invention of the Gramophone and the gramophone record, which he patented in After seeing a Bell Company demonstration at the U. Centennial Exposition, Berliner was inspired to find ways to improve the newly invented telephone. Berliner’s original patent was overturned and later credited to Edison.

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Neumann mics. This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file. The timestamp is only as accurate as the clock in the camera, and it may be completely wrong.

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Neumann U47

The SOS award went to products, that “”have made our lives in the studio all the more enjoyable””. It is a further evidence for the reputation of the U 87 Ai as the world famous, professional standard studio condenser microphone. Until today the U 87 sets the mark in the microphone industry by which all others are measured.

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Before the war, the “Berliner Funkausstellung” Berlin Radio Show was the largest electronics trade show in the world. Suspended by the war, the show resumed in to little fanfare. The legendary Neumann U47 was introduced at the tradeshow and made a big splash based on its forward looking design and innovative technology standards. During the war, the original Neumann factory was bombed then relocated to Thueringen to restart production.

The U47 was developed from roughly up to the Berliner Funkausstellung in It has been documented that Georg Neumann was invited by the French goverment and was mainly in Paris during the time of the U47’s development. Telefunken branded U47 long body. VF14M Tube with Box. It is quite likely that Telefunken had some hand in the development of the U47 given the fact that the VF14 tube was specifically developed and produced by Telefunken for use in the U47 and had no other previous commercial use.

Telefunken began the development of steel cased tubes around and the first working versions came off the production line around Before , there is no mention of the VF14 tube in any design documents or any catalogs by Telefunken. The original design documents for the VF14 have no dates on them, but it does specifically state that the VF14 was designed for use in microphones. The very first microphone that it was used in was the U47 and later in the U48 as well as the MM type of measuring mics.


A Neumann U87 Ai large diaphragm condenser microphone, serial number , within its original wood box with instruction manual. Rock ‘N’ Roll. The following terms are supplemental to our Terms of Use and apply to Auctions conducted on the Service and offline by Julien. Our Terms of Use are incorporated here by reference.

The Neumann TLM condenser microphones is impressive in terms of sound and design at an incredible value. The reduced overall size contributes to an.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. No matter what sound source you’re looking to record in the studio, there is a Neumann microphone that will allow you to confidently handle the task. In our latest Buyer’s Guide , we’re breaking down Neumann’s entire line of large diaphragm condenser microphones.

Continue on below to learn more about each large diaphragm condenser mic’s history, sonic qualities and best uses in the recording studio. If you’d like to hear these microphones in action, check out our new Neumann microphone shootout by clicking here. Large diaphragm condenser microphones are typically classified as any microphone that features a diaphragm that is at least 1 inch or more in diameter. There are many advantages to using large diaphragm condenser microphones, such as their ability to capture more acoustic energy, a low self-noise and a pleasing richness that makes sound sources sound larger than life.

The TLM is the entry level large diaphragm condenser from Neumann. The microphone has a new capsule derived from the U 87, which when coupled with a smaller size and cardioid-only option, keeps the budget under control while keeping the classic sound characteristics intact. The main recording gig for the TLM is the human voice, and here it fights way above its weight class.

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Note that there are loose categories that may not fit each manufacturer perfectly. Some manufacturers may fit into multiple categories. Also, note that this is a living document and will be subject to change as new microphone manufacturers enter the market and others become defunct. They are hand-built by Brad himself. Most notable microphone: 12R

The usage as main microphone for orchestra recordings or as spot mic for single instruments make it the most general-purpose microphone – in studios, for.

One capsule has dominated Neumann’s mics over decades: the original K67 and its descendants. Brass diaphragm rings, no threads for capsule mounting screws in the backplates this capsule version was mounted via a three pointed set screws threaded into the mounting ring , ca. Same as above, but mounted to the capsule holder with four M2 threads four threads in each backplate half , ca.

Same as above, but with brown fiberboard diaphragm rings replacing the brass rings, ca. First generation of plastic diaphragm rings ivory color , whose mounting screws were recessed into the plastic, to be flush with the ring’s surface, ca. Same as above, but with white instead of ivory-colored rings 6. Same as above, but diaphragm mounting ring screws no longer recessed, since Versions five and six went through five generations combined; their subtle differences through time are only noticeable to an expert.

Likewise, it’s initially not easy to separate a K67 from a K87 by looking at it. This can be confusing because numbers repeat every 10 years. But the combination of build characteristics and date number allows pinpointing the year of manufacture.

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The ‘Neumann Bottle’, the first ever mass produced condenser microphone. Diameter: 9 cm, height: 40 cm, weight: 3 kg. Telefunken, a subsidiary of AEG, took on the marketing rights to this Neumann microphone.

Sennheiser products are covered by a warranty for two years from the original date of purchase. The warranty terms and conditions can be found here. To make a.

Above: best ad ever. This might as well be from another planet. These mics, like the Fostex RP headphones , use a unique method of transduction that combines elements of dynamic, ribbon, and condenser-mic design. This is a significant cause of transducer distortion. By eliminating the suspension, that particular distortion factor is eliminated. Download the 6pp Neumann FET 80 microphone catalog:. I have a U87 from this first era, and although it has its share of scars, it never fails to impress.

For our scan of the Neumann FET 80 catalog, click here…. Anyone still using these? How do they compare to x? Models on offer included the Starmaker 96, 97, 98, , 99, and

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Is there a more revered microphone than the Neumann U47? Prized for its incredibly detailed and buttery smooth sound, the U47 is without a doubt one of the best microphones in the world. It was the very first microphone designed by Georg Neumann.

The distinctive new BCM large-diaphragm condenser mic was designed by Neumann for the most critical broadcast and studio applications. This cardioid.

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. A week is a long time in politics, but 90 years is an eon in Berlin. The microphone manufacturer founded by Georg Neumann on November 23 could not have been placed closer in time and place to the heart of modern European history, as if the very technology of capturing voices had arrived just in time to record it. Some product icons were on display at the exhibition, plus a limited edition U87 Rhodium Set and a re-issue of the U Meanwhile, the immediate present and the future were also acknowledged by such innovations as the Neumann Control app for iPad, a key adjunct to the KH80 DSP studio monitor.

There is indeed a generation or two of engineers who have grown up with and cherished these products all their lives, although Fraissinet is aware of its limitations. That is what drives us more than coming out with re-issues. When you visit Berlin today, you find a city perfectly at ease with past, present and future, its legacies fused with smoothly presented civic statements. The Wall is T-shirt and novelty mug fodder, true — but history is taken seriously.

The first Neumann factory, right in the centre of Berlin, was bombed late in Clearly a safer home was required, and a former textile mill was chosen in Gefell, to the South-East, near the Bavarian border. A small facility was maintained in Berlin, and after the war Georg Neumann and some of his staff returned, leaving the rest in Gefell. As the Soviet Eastern Bloc gained influence in that part of Germany, many manufacturers including Neumann — such as Leitz, Zeiss and Agfa — found that de facto there were two different companies, one in East Germany and one in West Germany.

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